Propeller and rudder of the German Heavy Cruiser Prinz Eugen, the largest ship sunk at Kwajalein. The Prinz Eugen, an escort to the Battleship Bismarck during her sortie into the Atlantic during which both the Bismarck and British Battleship Hood were sunk, made it through World War II still afloat. After the war, she was brought to Bikini Atoll in the Marshall Islands, where she was part of the target fleet for two nuclear weapons tests. Surviving the tests, she was brought to Kwajalein to await an ultimate fate, along with the rest of the remaining target fleet, of being sunk deep at sea. But the Eugen chose her own end; developing a leak and resisting all attempts to repair or beach her, she drifted up against the reef at the north end of Ennubuj Island, flipped over, and sank. Now, only one of her props and rudder emerge from the surface. The bow of this once mighty warship rests over the lagoon bottom at a depth of 110 feet.

The video World War II Shipwrecks of Kwajalein Lagoon contains considerable underwater footage of the Prinz.